Clear, engaging and persuasive

Dauer: 2 Tage // Sprache: englisch // Auch als Online-Workshop verfügbar
Themenfeld: Karriere & Bewerbung, Kommunikation & Präsentieren // Zielgruppe: DoktorandInnen, GruppenleiterInnen, Post-Docs

Academic writing to stand out

“How can I make sure my paper stands out from the others…?” Excellent research is fundamental. But so is sharing it effectively with the broader academic community! This seminar supports participants in learning how to structure their academic writing so as to stand out from the crowd by producing writing that is clear, engaging and persuasive. Through its unique one-to one session offered on the second day of the workshop, this can be achieved for academic articles but also for policy briefs, media editorials or funding applications.

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Best Practices for Virtual Meetings

Running a remote session with poise

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Ric Oquita

“Whose turn is it? … Do we have a connection problem? … Is anyone there?” – Running virtual meetings simply differs from having face-to-face dialogue. Besides handling technical issues, team communication is often challenging and can be met with competent moderation, solid documentation and pro-active feedback. Integrating interactive exercises, trainer input and discussion, this online workshop is designed to acquaint you with the Zoom Pro platform, enabling you to prepare, host, and revise professional virtual meetings.

Career planning

What are my further career movements?

1-2 Tage  |  englisch  |  Auch als Online-Workshop verfügbar
Prof. Dr. Anja Frohnen, Matthias Merkelbach

What do I want? What are my skills and abilities? Maybe I should…? The big issues in life will only very rarely be solved through casual chitchat. It will take careful consideration to decide whether you are able to and want to remain in the academic field, or instead choose a non-academic career. This workshop will provide guidance and help you find out which path will lay a solid foundation for your future, both on a professional and personal level. A series of interactive exercises will give you a clear idea of where you are at and make it easier to define what options you have.

Career planning for postdocs

Little teamwork, high degree of competition, short-term contracts and more criticism than feedback

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Prof. Dr. Anja Frohnen

Academics are prone to feel a lot of pressure in the postdoc phase. Now is the time to take decisions that will determine your personal and professional future. Do I have what it takes to go for an academic career, or will I be happier somewhere else? This workshop is designed to provide guidance on what career path is right for you and will give you some insights into how career objectives and ambitions can be achieved, with a focus on identifying different courses of action. Clear and smart decisions can only be taken from a strong basis of self-confidence and motivation.

Breaking the Ice

Developing Connections with Your Peer Network

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Ric Oquita

“What a pleasant surprise to discover how much we have in common professionally and personally!”
This invigorating one-day workshop is designed to help participants of the PhD community get to know each other on a personal and professional level in a pleasant atmosphere. A trainer with a theatre background will lead motivating icebreaker activities based on respect, interest and appreciation of the research fields and methods of the others. The workshop goal is to facilitate the curiosity about and appreciation of the different disciplinary backgrounds among the peer group of PhD candidates. Activities include icebreakers, exercises for team building, and best practices for developing a short pitch and effective networking.

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