Taking the lead for postdocs

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Themenfeld: Führung & Teamentwicklung // Zielgruppe: GruppenleiterInnen, J-Profs, Post-Docs

“Motivating aspiring academics? Is that really necessary?”

Postdocs are often asked to supervise PhD candidates and graduates. In this role it is imperative to be aware of and be able to deal with your own expectations and those of others – a skill which sometimes needs to be acquired first. The workshop teaches leadership tools for situations from the academic and non-academic fields on a general basis and in the context of individual experiences. These help to create a picture of the principal leadership elements and an understanding of how to use them.

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Essential Coaching Skills for Scientists

More effectiveness in supervision and leading

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Prof. Dr. Anja Frohnen

How can I enable my employees to tackle a problem more autonomously and secure the outcome? How can I motivate staff to devote more time, attention and initiative to projects?

Providing professional advice and support to junior scientists is an important part of leadership in science and often involves a considerable investment of time. Research assistants who work in a proactive, results- and goal-oriented manner take the pressure off professors and supervisors.

Essential coaching techniques support the employees‘ independent and goal-oriented solution finding. At the same time, the potential of employees and doctoral candidates is promoted.

Leading the leader

Lateral leadership to manage your bosses and supervisors

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Dr. Matteo Garavoglia

“if only I could have a more productive relationship with my supervisor…my life here would be so much easier!” This seminar nurtures “lateral leadership” skills providing to address ongoing challenges with supervisors and nudging superiors toward the goals that matter most to the participants. Crucially, a series of one-to-one meetings on the second day allow participants to discuss their specific situation, eventual challenges they are facing and possible ways forward to improve the relationship with their boss and supervisors.

Discrimination, diversity and inclusiveness

Awareness training for academics

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Dr. Matteo Garavoglia

“I can see there is something strange going on here in terms of discrimination issues… but what is it? And what is my role in all this?” Targeted at academics, this seminar aims to support participants in becoming more aware of existing forms discrimination, to appreciate diversity and to nurture an inclusive professional environment. In doing so, it encourages participants to become proactive “agents for change” within academic contexts and, also, beyond these. The specific issues covered in the workshop include both gender equality and all forms of discrimination.

Supervising PhD candidates

expertise and leadership

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Prof. Dr. Anja Frohnen

Disappointment, misunderstandings, conflicting roles… Even though the working relationship between supervisor and PhD candidate seems to be fairly straightforward, there can be pitfalls along the way. A supervisor must combine discussing issues on an expert level with the role of technical supervisor, which comes with different expectations and demands. This role is often hard to define, because it does not entail disciplinary responsibility. The workshop will show you how to avoid becoming caught between different roles and position yourself in the right way vis-à-vis all actors in your working environment. To this end, we will look at typical conflict scenarios and identify adequate communication strategies.

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