Conference presentation

Dauer: 2 Tage // Sprache: englisch
Themenfeld: Kommunikation & Präsentieren // Zielgruppe: DoktorandInnen, Post-Docs

Engaging the listener in your talk

„Wow, that presenter is so good in front of an audience. If only that were easier for me!“ Being at the center of attention is not everyone’s cup of tea. But having the talent and know-how is often a question of developing a set of skills and techniques. The use of voice and body language, an effective presentation structure and the dynamic use of language isn’t as easy as it seems, even if it appears that way. The workshop helps to identify and explore these requirements, from self-reflection to self-assurance and long-term excellence.

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Clear and competent

Academic presentations for doctoral researchers

3 Tage  |  englisch
Ric Oquita

„Is everything really getting to the point? Is everyone getting the message?“ A scientific presentation has its challenges. Arousing the interest of the audience and keeping their attention to the end of the talk depends on many factors. Voice, breathing, body language are just as relevant as rhetorical and didactic components. In the workshop, actors, who are also experienced trainers, support the exploration of techniques and the presenters individual style. The goal is to communicate clearly and unequivocally the expert research that is required in the presentation.

Almost there

Preparing for the viva defense

2 Tage  |  englisch
Dr. Matteo Garavoglia

„If only I could have done it already!“ The dissertation is submitted, the end is in sight… But now, one still has to deal with the Disputation: to present and defend the research work in front of an examining board. This workshop presents strategies to prepare for the final phase of one’s scientific education, as well as to reflect on our own discussion and presentation competences. Crucially, the workshop also teaches techniques for dealing with lack of motivation and anxiety.

Just landed

An introduction to life and academia in Germany

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Dr. Matteo Garavoglia

“A lot of what you wanted, and even more of what you didn’t expect!” Starting a new life in a foreign country is a significant challenge also when it comes to one’s own research and education. This workshop provides you with crucial support to mitigate the inevitable cultural shocks involved with starting a new professional and personal life by giving you tips on how to manage bureaucracy, administration and a new academic environment. The workshop helps you make the most of the opportunities that Germany has to offer. And it provides you with some tips on how to make the most of intercultural diversity for your personal and academic future.

Presentation plus

From competence to eloquence

1-2 Tage  |  englisch
Ric Oquita, Julie Stearns

„Alright, sure, but there’s more that meets the eye.“ The aim of this workshop help present complex research results in the field of academia, which is characterized by high demands and analytical competence. In a continuation of the Basic-Workshop, the second module offers participants the opportunity to sharpen their own style and, above all, their eloquence. In addition to the development of the narrative arc and a coherent delivery in front of the audience, the focus is on complete short presentations, which the participants develop, work on and present, with video-recording as a feedback tool.

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