Rock Your Talk

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Themenfeld: Kommunikation & Präsentieren // Zielgruppe: DoktorandInnen, GruppenleiterInnen, J-Profs, Post-Docs

Enhancing style and dynamics in presentations

Basically I know what is important, but I feel like I don’t deliver effectively.” Where exactly do your strengths lie when it comes to the presentation? And how, with some work on the weaknesses, can this impression of a precise and authentic delivery of central messages be optimized? The workshop’s methods and exercises are rooted in those of the theater and, in this context, allow us to improve our own eloquence and our own style. Intensive coaching for body language and vocal expression enhances the session, which is consciously oriented towards investigation and making strong choices

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Best practices for panel moderation

„All eyes are on me, the speaker, expecting me to keep the ball rolling.”

1 Tag  |  englisch
Julie Stearns, Ric Oquita

The leadership and moderation of a panel discussion is one of the requirements of an academic career. Even scientists, who are practiced in the presentation of their research in front of an audience, experience the unique skills required in such a role as difficult. Through practical exercises, the workshop develops panel preparation, necessary formal language and non-verbal strategies, in order to step in to the role with self-assurance and gain the trust of a panel and audience.

Closing the gap

Gender awareness training for men in academia

2 Tage  |  englisch
Dr. Matteo Garavoglia

“I can see there is something strange going on here in terms of gender issues… but what is it? And what is my role in all this?” Aimed at men in academia, this seminar aims to support participants in becoming proactive “agents for change” to promote a gender inclusive environment within the academic context (and beyond). By meeting the trainer in a series of face-to-face meetings, participants can share their observations and discuss ways forward to support a gender-inclusive academic environment through a tailor-made approach.

Leading the leader

Lateral leadership to manage your bosses and supervisors

2 Tage  |  englisch
Dr. Matteo Garavoglia

“if only I could have a more productive relationship with my supervisor…my life here would be so much easier!” This seminar nurtures “lateral leadership” skills providing to address ongoing challenges with supervisors and nudging superiors toward the goals that matter most to the participants. Crucially, a series of one-to-one meetings on the second day allow participants to discuss their specific situation, eventual challenges they are facing and possible ways forward to improve the relationship with their boss and supervisors.

Voice and body coaching

Communicating with confidence and accuracy

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Julie Stearns, Ric Oquita

„If only my voice and body could only communicate what I am clearly thinking!“ We know communication is far more than rhetoric. If the words seem to be the right ones, they can still leave you in the lurch. Without tuning in to breath and articulation, the message doesn’t reach the listener. Without the right attitude and dynamic use of the body, language remains buried. This workshop supports the conscious use of voice and body and can be tailored to the needs of every group.

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