Presentation plus

Dauer: 1-2 Tage // Sprache: englisch
Themenfeld: Kommunikation & Präsentieren // Zielgruppe: DoktorandInnen, GruppenleiterInnen, J-Profs, Post-Docs

From competence to eloquence

„Alright, sure, but there’s more that meets the eye.“ The aim of this workshop help present complex research results in the field of academia, which is characterized by high demands and analytical competence. In a continuation of the Basic-Workshop, the second module offers participants the opportunity to sharpen their own style and, above all, their eloquence. In addition to the development of the narrative arc and a coherent delivery in front of the audience, the focus is on complete short presentations, which the participants develop, work on and present, with video-recording as a feedback tool.

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Visible & influential

Networking across boundaries and cultures

2 Tage  |  englisch
Dr. Matteo Garavoglia

“How to network to advance my professional prospects?” Participants practice for specific academic contexts (in particular team meetings, international conferences and office small talk) to develop strategies to come into contact with senior scientists. Throughout the workshop, participants will be guided through interactive exercises to improve their body language, their self-marketing skills (pitching) and their long-term strategic networking competences. A healthy mix of theory and practice provides them with the opportunity to learn how to approach, engage and build up a relationship with key professional figures so as to become both more visible and influential in one’s own academic field across boundaries and cultures.

Storytelling techniques for scientific presentations

"I’d like to know how to structure my talk and get my point across more creatively."

Ric Oquita, Julie Stearns

Presenters are comfortable using a standard talk structure and want to try something new. Talks rarely vary from the known to the unknown in a compelling way and they want to lead the audience forward to a memorable conclusion. The workshop introduces unique ways of positioning your topic and structuring content by exploring and presenting in a variety of story formats. Central characters, motivation, storyline, action, dramatic tension, transitions and a satisfying conclusion are aspects of the playful investigation. Presentations are developed, practiced and presented with coaching and feedback.

Almost there

Preparing for the viva defense

2 Tage  |  englisch
Dr. Matteo Garavoglia

„If only I could have done it already!“ The dissertation is submitted, the end is in sight… But now, one still has to deal with the Disputation: to present and defend the research work in front of an examining board. This workshop presents strategies to prepare for the final phase of one’s scientific education, as well as to reflect on our own discussion and presentation competences. Crucially, the workshop also teaches techniques for dealing with lack of motivation and anxiety.

Science Slam

Zuhörer finden und fesseln

1 Tag  |  englisch
Julie Stearns

„Etwas erzählen? Dafür ist man Naturtalent, oder nicht?“ Sich beim Zuhören von einer Geschichte gefesselt finden, ist ein Erlebnis. Auch in der Wissenschaft kann diese Fähigkeit Türen öffnen. Der Workshop bietet die Gelegenheit, sich strategisch und systematisch damit auseinander zu setzen. Von der Idee bis zur Bühnenpräsenz bei einem “Science Slam“ wird in Gruppenarbeit der Dynamik und der Kreativität des Erzählens Rechnung getragen. Im Fall einer individuellen Herausforderung ist dieses Angebot auch als Einzelcoaching zu buchen.

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