Q&A session

Dauer: 1 Tag // Sprache: englisch
Themenfeld: Kommunikation & Präsentieren // Zielgruppe: DoktorandInnen, GruppenleiterInnen, J-Profs, Post-Docs

Preparing for the audience discussion

„Are there any questions?” Following the successful lecture, the final discussion is often a challenge. After everything has been prepared in detail, surprises still await. The workshop helps to react adequately in emotionally charged situations and provides strategies to ultimately act with authority and actively manage the Q & A. This includes the use of professional language as well as effective non-verbals, which contribute significantly to the success of last impressions.

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Gender awareness training for men in academia

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“I can see there is something strange going on here in terms of gender issues… but what is it? And what is my role in all this?” Aimed at men in academia, this seminar aims to support participants in becoming proactive “agents for change” to promote a gender inclusive environment within the academic context (and beyond). By meeting the trainer in a series of face-to-face meetings, participants can share their observations and discuss ways forward to support a gender-inclusive academic environment through a tailor-made approach.

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Dr. Matteo Garavoglia

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