Quick on your feet

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Themenfeld: Kommunikation & Präsentieren // Zielgruppe: DoktorandInnen, Post-Docs

Spontaneous speaking practice

The best responses always occur to me after the key moment has passed!” Especially in a foreign language, but often in principle, a quick reaction in the in the heat of the moment is a matter of training. The workshop helps to act appropriately and confidently in the context of many situations relevant to scientific communication – in networks, in discussions and in contacts with high status individuals. As a one-day and a two-day format, this decidedly practical training uses structured feedback and active forms of practice, in both formal and informal situations, to make sure listener’s are getting the message

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Science Slam

Zuhörer finden und fesseln

1 Tag  |  englisch
Julie Stearns

„Etwas erzählen? Dafür ist man Naturtalent, oder nicht?“ Sich beim Zuhören von einer Geschichte gefesselt finden, ist ein Erlebnis. Auch in der Wissenschaft kann diese Fähigkeit Türen öffnen. Der Workshop bietet die Gelegenheit, sich strategisch und systematisch damit auseinander zu setzen. Von der Idee bis zur Bühnenpräsenz bei einem “Science Slam“ wird in Gruppenarbeit der Dynamik und der Kreativität des Erzählens Rechnung getragen. Im Fall einer individuellen Herausforderung ist dieses Angebot auch als Einzelcoaching zu buchen.

Rock Your Talk

Enhancing style and dynamics in presentations

1 Tag  |  englisch
Ric Oquita, Julie Stearns

Basically I know what is important, but I feel like I don’t deliver effectively.” Where exactly do your strengths lie when it comes to the presentation? And how, with some work on the weaknesses, can this impression of a precise and authentic delivery of central messages be optimized? The workshop’s methods and exercises are rooted in those of the theater and, in this context, allow us to improve our own eloquence and our own style. Intensive coaching for body language and vocal expression enhances the session, which is consciously oriented towards investigation and making strong choices

Just landed

An introduction to life and academia in Germany

1-2 Tage  |  englisch
Dr. Matteo Garavoglia

“A lot of what you wanted, and even more of what you didn’t expect!” Starting a new life in a foreign country is a significant challenge also when it comes to one’s own research and education. This workshop provides you with crucial support to mitigate the inevitable cultural shocks involved with starting a new professional and personal life by giving you tips on how to manage bureaucracy, administration and a new academic environment. The workshop helps you make the most of the opportunities that Germany has to offer. And it provides you with some tips on how to make the most of intercultural diversity for your personal and academic future.

Clear and competent

Academic presentations for doctoral researchers

3 Tage  |  englisch
Ric Oquita

„Is everything really getting to the point? Is everyone getting the message?“ A scientific presentation has its challenges. Arousing the interest of the audience and keeping their attention to the end of the talk depends on many factors. Voice, breathing, body language are just as relevant as rhetorical and didactic components. In the workshop, actors, who are also experienced trainers, support the exploration of techniques and the presenters individual style. The goal is to communicate clearly and unequivocally the expert research that is required in the presentation.

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