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Wir sind seit vielen Jahren einer der führenden Trainingsanbieter an Hochschulen und Forschungseinrichtungen und haben inzwischen über 1.600 Seminare mit mehr als 16.000 TeilnehmerInnen durchgeführt.

Unsere Trainings sind von promovierten AkademikerInnen aus unterschiedlichen Disziplinen ganz nah am wissenschaftlichen Alltag entwickelt. Wir sind vertraut mit Graduiertenkollegs, DoktorandInnen- und Mentoringprogrammen und kooperieren eng mit verschiedenen Hochschulen und Forschungseinrichtungen, um unsere Trainings immer wieder an die aktuellen Bedürfnisse anzupassen. Dabei setzen wir auf kreative Lernmethoden und wagen öfter mal was Neues. Wir ermutigen unsere TeilnehmerInnen zu neuen Perspektiven und ungewohnten Herangehensweisen. So Erlerntes bleibt nachhaltig im Gedächtnis und ermöglicht Veränderung und Weiterentwicklung.

Unsere Trainings richten sich an Doktoranden, Post-Docs, ProfessorInnen und wissenschaftliche Führungskräfte auf ihrem persönlichen Karriereweg. Wir bieten unsere Seminare in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz sowohl in deutscher als auch englischer Sprache an.

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Voice and body coaching

Communicating with confidence and accuracy

1-2 Tage  |  englisch
Julie Stearns, Ric Oquita

„If only my voice and body could only communicate what I am clearly thinking!“ We know communication is far more than rhetoric. If the words seem to be the right ones, they can still leave you in the lurch. Without tuning in to breath and articulation, the message doesn’t reach the listener. Without the right attitude and dynamic use of the body, language remains buried. This workshop supports the conscious use of voice and body and can be tailored to the needs of every group.

Quick on your feet

Spontaneous speaking practice

1 Tag  |  englisch
Julie Stearns, Ric Oquita

The best responses always occur to me after the key moment has passed!” Especially in a foreign language, but often in principle, a quick reaction in the in the heat of the moment is a matter of training. The workshop helps to act appropriately and confidently in the context of many situations relevant to scientific communication – in networks, in discussions and in contacts with high status individuals. As a one-day and a two-day format, this decidedly practical training uses structured feedback and active forms of practice, in both formal and informal situations, to make sure listener’s are getting the message

Q&A session

Preparing for the audience discussion

1 Tag  |  englisch
Julie Stearns, Ric Oquita

„Are there any questions?” Following the successful lecture, the final discussion is often a challenge. After everything has been prepared in detail, surprises still await. The workshop helps to react adequately in emotionally charged situations and provides strategies to ultimately act with authority and actively manage the Q & A. This includes the use of professional language as well as effective non-verbals, which contribute significantly to the success of last impressions.

Rock Your Talk

Enhancing style and dynamics in presentations

1 Tag  |  englisch
Ric Oquita, Julie Stearns

Basically I know what is important, but I feel like I don’t deliver effectively.” Where exactly do your strengths lie when it comes to the presentation? And how, with some work on the weaknesses, can this impression of a precise and authentic delivery of central messages be optimized? The workshop’s methods and exercises are rooted in those of the theater and, in this context, allow us to improve our own eloquence and our own style. Intensive coaching for body language and vocal expression enhances the session, which is consciously oriented towards investigation and making strong choices

Storytelling techniques for scientific presentations

"I’d like to know how to structure my talk and get my point across more creatively."

1-2 Tage  |  englisch
Ric Oquita, Julie Stearns

Presenters are comfortable using a standard talk structure and want to try something new. Talks rarely vary from the known to the unknown in a compelling way and they want to lead the audience forward to a memorable conclusion. The workshop introduces unique ways of positioning your topic and structuring content by exploring and presenting in a variety of story formats. Central characters, motivation, storyline, action, dramatic tension, transitions and a satisfying conclusion are aspects of the playful investigation. Presentations are developed, practiced and presented with coaching and feedback.

Conference presentation

Engaging the listener in your talk

2 Tage  |  englisch
Ric Oquita, Julie Stearns

„Wow, that presenter is so good in front of an audience. If only that were easier for me!“ Being at the center of attention is not everyone’s cup of tea. But having the talent and know-how is often a question of developing a set of skills and techniques. The use of voice and body language, an effective presentation structure and the dynamic use of language isn’t as easy as it seems, even if it appears that way. The workshop helps to identify and explore these requirements, from self-reflection to self-assurance and long-term excellence.

Best practices for panel moderation

„All eyes are on me, the speaker, expecting me to keep the ball rolling.”

1 Tag  |  englisch
Julie Stearns, Ric Oquita

The leadership and moderation of a panel discussion is one of the requirements of an academic career. Even scientists, who are practiced in the presentation of their research in front of an audience, experience the unique skills required in such a role as difficult. Through practical exercises, the workshop develops panel preparation, necessary formal language and non-verbal strategies, in order to step in to the role with self-assurance and gain the trust of a panel and audience.

Clear and competent

Academic presentations for doctoral researchers

3 Tage  |  englisch
Ric Oquita

„Is everything really getting to the point? Is everyone getting the message?“ A scientific presentation has its challenges. Arousing the interest of the audience and keeping their attention to the end of the talk depends on many factors. Voice, breathing, body language are just as relevant as rhetorical and didactic components. In the workshop, actors, who are also experienced trainers, support the exploration of techniques and the presenters individual style. The goal is to communicate clearly and unequivocally the expert research that is required in the presentation.

Presentation plus

From competence to eloquence

1-2 Tage  |  englisch
Ric Oquita, Julie Stearns

„Alright, sure, but there’s more that meets the eye.“ The aim of this workshop help present complex research results in the field of academia, which is characterized by high demands and analytical competence. In a continuation of the Basic-Workshop, the second module offers participants the opportunity to sharpen their own style and, above all, their eloquence. In addition to the development of the narrative arc and a coherent delivery in front of the audience, the focus is on complete short presentations, which the participants develop, work on and present, with video-recording as a feedback tool.

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